Slate Magazine Features Singing Christmas Tree

The popular online magazine, Slate, sponsored by the Washington Post, features a story about the dominance of big extravagant singing Christmas Trees in churches.

They trace the roots (as we know) back to Belhaven College’s first singing Christmas tree in 1933.  Next year will be our 80th performance, and we’re hopeful of finding a way for many of our alumni to come back and participate in this historic occassion.

You can read the full story on Slate HERE, but below are a couple of excerpts:

Across the country, churches will soon be groaning at full capacity as millions of Americans, from the deeply devout to the twice-a-year attendees, pack their local congregations to participate in a Christmas Eve service. But this month, some of those churches will also present what has become a tradition in the modern evangelical megachurch: the Singing Christmas Tree. In these productions, church choirs perform a musical celebration while standing inside an enormous Christmas tree platform that reaches to the ceiling, often accompanied by extravagant light shows, dancing church members, and sometimes even fireworks. Displaying all the kitsch and some of the camp of your favorite Broadway musical, Singing Christmas Tree pageants represent the quintessence of the modern megachurch experience: oversized, ostentatious, and a strange blend of the sacred and the secular.

This is the paragraph about Belhaven

Like many of the showier elements of the modern megachurch, the Singing Christmas Tree had humble origins. The first Singing Christmas Tree likely took place in 1933 when a music professor at Belhaven College, a Christian liberal arts college in Jackson, Miss., teamed up with an engineer to craft a small wooden tree frame for the school’s all-female choir to stand in as it performed a series of Christmas carols. The concert took place outside so that members of the community could enjoy the event, and outdoor Singing Christmas Trees began to pop up on college campuses and in city parks in other cities throughout the South during the 1940s and ‘50s.

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  1. Thanks to my friend Greg for sending me a link to this article. I am a Belhaven Alum, love the Christmas tree, a favorite holiday tradition of mine.

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