Special Gift to Rebuild Fitzhugh Hall

So many people have made wonderful gifts for the rebuilding of Fitzhugh Hall.  In a couple more weeks I’ll be able to give you a detailed picture of where we stand and how much we need to raise – likely to be over $4 million.

Today I received a wonderful $200 gift from our Creative Writing Students.  Belhaven is the only Christian university to offer a bachelors degree of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and one of only 26 schools in the country offering the degree.

Dr. Randy Smith has built a top flight academic program that has been growing at dramatic rates.  Info is HERE.

The department held reading by author Alan Huffman in February.  Part of that event was a book sale, coordinated by Rick Ward, a student and a published author.  The students raised $200 from the sale, and rather spending it on their own needs, they gave it as a gift for the renovation of Fitzhugh Hall.

Maybe we have some alumni or friends who would like to match this gift from the students? If so, you can send it to me at:  Roger Parrott, President’s Office, 1500 Peachtree Street, Jackson, MS  39202, or the link is HERE to make it even easier

Fitzhugh Hall will be rebuilt with care…and lots of love.


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