Wow!!! 3,725 Students for the Fall Term

Belhaven University’s fall enrollment has shattered all our past enrollment records with 3,725 students this fall term.

This is an increase of 433 students over last year, and a one year jump of over 13%.

We have 1,150 traditional age students on the Jackson campus, and not only are our classrooms filled, but we have very few empty spaces in the residence halls.

Our branch campuses (Memphis, Houston, Orlando, Chattanooga, and Atlanta) enrollment will break the 1,000 students mark for the first time when they launch the last of their new class starts during this early part of the fall term.  This growth is remarkable during a time when nearly every institution offering adult education is declining – our branches will grow by 25% over last year.

Our Jackson undergraduate enrollment (previously known as ASPIRE) has dropped from a high of 884 in 2009 to 708 student this fall (78 students less than last fall).  But we believe this program will get back on track, and  follow the growth pattern of our branch campuses.  This summer we completed our long-term partnership with an outside firm recruiting for our Jackson campus, and we now have our own team in place.

Our fast paced growth of online undergraduate and graduate students, along with our high scholars program, continues to accelerate, moving from only 5 students in 2006 to 540 students this fall.

To capture a picture of our reach in Jackson, we have a total of 2,170 in our classrooms on the main campus and our new LeFleur campus.

Below are two charts which show the growth patterns of the past decade (click each to enlarge the images).

We rejoice and thank God for the privilege the Lord has given us to keep growing and serve so many wonderful students – every single one of them hand picked by the Lord to be studying with us.



2 thoughts on “Wow!!! 3,725 Students for the Fall Term

  1. This is great news and answer to much prayer. Hope all our new and returning students are blessed by their time at Belhaven!

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