84 International Students from 28 Countries

This fall we have 84 international students studying on the Jackson campus, with the largest groups from Brazil, South Korea, Columbia, United Kingdom, and France.

Not only do we have a record number of international students but every single student has a host family while studying at Belhaven.  We are one of the few universities in America that provide this level of support for students who come to us from around the world.

The number of students enrolled from each country:

Brazil 12
South Korea 10
Columbia 8
United Kingdom 8
France 7
Ireland 4
Rwanda 4
Venezuela 4
China 3
Sweden 3
Germany 2
Malaysia 2
Russia 2
Argentina 1
Austria 1
Barbados 1
Canada 1
Indonesia 1
Japan 1
Kenya 1
Latvia 1
Mexico 1
Nepal 1
Nigeria 1
Northern Ireland 1
South Africa 1
Taiwan 1
Zimbabwe 1

One thought on “84 International Students from 28 Countries

  1. This is an exciting news for the university, and one of the best experience for faculty and administratiors while dealing with international students. Thank you for sharing this happy news.


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