A Homecoming Highlight Not to Miss

Today was Homecoming and Family Weekend, and it was filled with lots of fun.

  • The football team won, 66-10 in front of a big crowd;¬† both¬† volleyball and men’s soccer won on the road.
  • We crowned two our our star students Homecoming Queen and King, Rachel Eason and Terrance Stringfellow.
  • Evelyn Tackett was inducted into our “Legacy of Learning” and Stewart Edwards received our alumnus of the year award.

While I loved it all, the highlight of the day was the acceptance speech of our Young Alumni of the Year recipient, Bonnie McDonald Grubbs ’08.

All of us at the alumni banquet were inspired by her passion to follow God’s calling to use her theatre education to change the nature of education in an urban New York City school where she teaches first grade.

She’s named her classroom “Belhaven,” and her students – “scholars” as she calls them – are all “Blazers.” We sent her a bunch of Belhaven things last year for her class and I received back wonderful letters from each of the kids.

Listen to Bonnie’s message about how she is living out the core of a Belhaven education – 1) faith, 2) worldview, 3) service, 4) gifting, 5) calling, and 6) quality.

Take 5 minutes to listen to Bonnie and you’ll be inspired.

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