Today’s Adult and Graduate Commencement

Today we held our fall term commencement for adult and graduate students.  Thalia Mara Hall was filled.

This is the 129th year Belhaven students have come together for commencement.

Our speaker this morning was Dr. Dolphus Weary, and he lifted the crowd with a wonderfully inspirational message.













Here is my introduction of Dolphus from this morning:

Christian leadership demands the ability to envision a God called future that most cannot see.

Such leadership requires steadfast determination, unshakable courage, gracious service, most importantly, the relentless call to gather a momentum of people who share the goal – so that eventually the leader’s voice does not stand out, but blends with the harmony of God’s people working together.

Dr. Dolphus Weary is that type of leader.

In my years of working with, cheering for, and admiring Dolphus, I have seen a leader who not only believes that genuine biblical reconciliation is possible, but created a wave of momentum of people who also have caught that vision and are multiplying it all across our state and around the nation.

His burden is never light taking on the tough challenge of creating a Godly understanding of racial reconciliation.  But, like Belhaven University, he is committed to the task because God calls us to it, not because it is easy.

Building racial harmony on our campus, across our state, in a church, or in a community is a continuous, conscious, every-day, every-activity, every-person, every-decision process that comes from our commitment to biblical unity.  And every day Dr. Dolphus Weary is teaching, preaching, and living out how to do just that.

He is a man with a marvelous educational background that capstoned with a Doctorate of Ministry from Reformed Theological Seminary.

After completing a remarkable run as Director of Mission Mississippi he took on the task of building the REAL Christian Foundation which is committed to Rural Education and Leadership connecting economic and technical assistance with rural ministries.

And for 20 years Dolphus lead Mendenhall Ministries, founded by our friend, Dr. John Perkins.

Dolphus serves on some of the most significant national boards in the evangelical world, including World Vision, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, and most importantly Belhaven University.

In 2005 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Belhaven University.

Join me in welcoming as our commencement speaker,

  • a leader who takes on the seemly impossible because he is convinced that God’s power transforms,
  • a nationally sought after speaker who inspires people to genuine reconciliation,
  • and a friend, who is a brother in Christ, Dr. Dolphus Weary.


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