Extensive AND Expensive Hail Damage Across Campus

The hail storm of Monday afternoon caused considerable damage to the campus.

I’ve often heard of “golf ball size hail” but had never seen.  It was remarkable.

Many of our decorative light globes were broken, windows smashed, and a number of roofs will need to be replaced.  In addition, all across campus car windows were broken and many look like have been hit with hammers.

As a university, we must carry a high deductible level on our insurance policy, and thus we are expecting that our costs will be at least $50,000 before the insurance begins to pay – assuming they treat it all as a single event.

I was stuck in my car on I-55 when it hit, with all lanes of traffic blocked by the few people who decided to stop under an overpass and leave hundreds of us unable to move.

Interestingly enough, just a mile north of campus where I was, my car was not damaged.  While the cars on the campus were hit very hard.  The size of the hail fluctuated enough in that close range to make the difference between what was just a scary event, and one that severely damaged property.

If like me, you were spared by the storm, and would like to help us with a gift for our storm damage, we would be thankful.  Send a gift to my office and I’ll be sure it gets put toward the cost of this storm damage

Roger Parrott
Belhaven University President’s Office
1500 Peachtree Street
Jackson, MS  39202

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