Bettye Quinn Remembers Newt Wilson

Miss Betty Quinn sent me a touching memory she had of Newt Wilson,

Proabably, Newt and Betty worked together longer than any other faculty or staff member did with Newt.

I told Bettye, today:

“If you’re able, you should go to the funeral, I know it would mean so much to Becky. Newt loved you so much. I remember when he first told me about Belhaven, you were the only faculty member he told me about. I thought they were all just like you!”

He’s been a great friend, and I’m so glad you can go to the service.  We will miss you at commencement but you’re needed there.

I asked Bettye if I could share some of her notes with you, and most of it is included below.

I’ll remind you again that the service for Newt will be at Hattiesburg First Presbyterian Church on Saturday at 11:30 am. Becky will be having a family only internment tomorrow.

Becky needs our prayers.

Here is Betty’s note:

Dr. Parrott,

I have not missed a graduation in 47 years….as you know. This is a dilemma for me, But I feel that I should go to Newt’s funeral. He and Becky have been my friends for so many years.

When the soccer team won the NAIA championship last fall, I sent him one of the shirts. He wrote me the most wonderful letter back. I made cheese straws for him every year and sent them or he came for them. We knew him on so many levels…fellow alum, co worker when he taught Bible, Dean of Students, Vice-president, President and then as Board Member. He was always the same sweet caring person.

I helped Becky cook and entertain many, many times. She was the ultimate hostess. His birthday was September 22 — the same as the Hobbit… so many times we had a Hobbit party… everyone brought a gift but not for him… the gifts were exchanged… that was the Hobbit way. He loved that everyone got a funny gift instead of him.

Newt really loved Belhaven and all its activities.  As a student he sang in the choir. He loved that Belhaven was into all sports. And of course, the Bible and Christian Education Department was his forte. He really had a wonderful life accomplishing all he wished.
I would have called but I can’t talk without crying.

Love and prayers,
Bettye Quinn

Celebrating the Homegoing of Dr. Newt Wilson

Our dear friend, and former Belhaven University president, Dr. Newt Wilson died this afternoon.

After a very difficult physical battle, attempting to become strong enough to be eligible for a kidney and liver transplant, the Tulane Medical Center doctors told his wife Becky last Thursday there was nothing more they could for Newt.

Yesterday they came home to Hattiesburg, and this afternoon at 3:45 Newt went home to be with the Lord.

A memorial service to remember this great servant of God will be at  11:30 am on Saturday, April 27th, at First Presbyterian Church in Hattiesburg.  Becky will have a private burial before the memorial service.  Dr. Sean Lucas and Dr. Jim Baird will be officiating, and Becky has invited our Board of Trustees members to be honorary pallbearers

When Becky called to tell me this afternoon, just a few minutes after Newt died, we rejoiced together in the assurance he is in heaven and finally seeing the broad reach of his life’s work as he can now see “face to face.”

I thank God for  the wonderful life of our friend Newt Wilson.  It hurts to imagine him no longer walking this campus, being at football games, and being our first champion for Belhaven University.

Please remember Becky in your prayers.  She is a great friend to so many of us, and while Newt held the title of president, Becky walked every step of this journey with him, and needs our support as she now takes the next steps.

Everyone who loves Belhaven University is significantly better off because of Newt Wilson.  Even if you didn’t know him, you’ll see his handprints all over this campus in the lives of thousands of Belhaven alumni.

Prayer for Dr. Newt and Becky Wilson

Urgent prayer is needed for Dr. Newt Wilson, our dear friend, and former President of Belhaven.  He has had a series of medical complications, that appear will not be solved without a liver and a kidney transplant.

Newt is on the list for a transplant, but he’s not been stable enough to move up the priority list.

Today he had a serious turn for the worse.  There appears to be internal bleeding, and most of today he received a blood transfusion.

The pastoral staff from First Presbyterian Church in Hattiesburg has been marvelous in supporting Newt and Becky, both of whom are members of the Church.  But Newt is at hospitals in New Orleans, so the pastors and other friends have made extensive commutes to stay close to Becky through this.

Three specific prayer requests:

1.  Might Newt’s medical condition stabilize to the point that he is eligible for a transplant.

2.  Might the Lord send the right donor match for the transplants.

3.  Might there be for Becky some new living arrangements possible in New Orleans that would be better than the Hampton Inn where she has been staying for many weeks.

Newt can understand what is happening during the brief times he is awake, but he’s not able to communicate much verbally, other than a few brief words to Becky.  As you can imagine, Becky is carrying a tremendous load through this and she needs our prayers as much as does Newt.

This evening Newt was to be moved back to the Tulane hospital, and should be in ICU there tonight.

I will keep you updated as you learn more.

A Caring Bridge web site has been established for Newt