Prayer for Dr. Newt and Becky Wilson

Urgent prayer is needed for Dr. Newt Wilson, our dear friend, and former President of Belhaven.  He has had a series of medical complications, that appear will not be solved without a liver and a kidney transplant.

Newt is on the list for a transplant, but he’s not been stable enough to move up the priority list.

Today he had a serious turn for the worse.  There appears to be internal bleeding, and most of today he received a blood transfusion.

The pastoral staff from First Presbyterian Church in Hattiesburg has been marvelous in supporting Newt and Becky, both of whom are members of the Church.  But Newt is at hospitals in New Orleans, so the pastors and other friends have made extensive commutes to stay close to Becky through this.

Three specific prayer requests:

1.  Might Newt’s medical condition stabilize to the point that he is eligible for a transplant.

2.  Might the Lord send the right donor match for the transplants.

3.  Might there be for Becky some new living arrangements possible in New Orleans that would be better than the Hampton Inn where she has been staying for many weeks.

Newt can understand what is happening during the brief times he is awake, but he’s not able to communicate much verbally, other than a few brief words to Becky.  As you can imagine, Becky is carrying a tremendous load through this and she needs our prayers as much as does Newt.

This evening Newt was to be moved back to the Tulane hospital, and should be in ICU there tonight.

I will keep you updated as you learn more.

A Caring Bridge web site has been established for Newt



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