Running from the Giants

The past four weeks I’ve been speaking in chapel examining the story of David and Goliath.

This past week, we looked at the nature of giants in our lives, and how we attack the armor of the giants rather than beating the giant inside the armor – and that if we don’t fight the real giant, the taunts of the giants will continue to plague us.

Near the end of that time on Tuesday, I summarized some of the paths we use to escape our giants, and put what I’d written on the screen.  I’ve had several requests for that paragraph, so posting it here – in it’s full vision that I’d written (in chapel only shared a portion of it)

If you’d like to hear the entire message you will find it HERE.

We tend to put on our armor so others will only know our persona, not the true person who is vulnerable, fragile, and scared behind our armor.

We learn to retreat by hiding behind

  • a plague of perfectionism
  • a nameless weekend party
  • an unlimited computer
  • legalistic Christianity

or a thousand other paths that take us anywhere we can’t see ourselves in a mirror.

And feeling protected there, for a moment, a day, a year, or a decade we feel safe, insulated, anesthetized.

But then the adrenaline wears off, a quiet gap comes into our busy schedule, the liquor turns to a headache, the spiritual intensity loses its emotional high, the illicit lover leaves, or the consequences of bad choices tumble down on us . . .

. . . and we hear Goliath’s taunts again.

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