Yay Daddy!

This past week we held commencement ceremonies for our campuses in Jackson, Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Orlando.  This time of year it is primarily graduate and adult students completing their degrees.

The graduation ceremonies for our campuses in Houston and Memphis are held during the spring.

If you want to know why Belhaven University is so committed to adult and graduate students read this blog post below.

It was written by Ed Pickel, the director of admissions for Belhaven University’s Chattanooga campus.  I deeply respect Ed’s effectiveness in recruiting, but more importantly, I’m in awe of his passion for helping adult and graduate students change their lives.

Ed gets it!

Here is his wonderfully written account of commencement in Chattanooga on Friday night last week:

Last Friday evening, our Chattanooga-Dalton campus held its 2013 graduation ceremony. I had the privilege of sitting with our faculty – second row from the front. From that vantage point, I could see everything that was happening on the platform.

However, it wasn’t so much what was happening on the platform that captured my attention; it was what I was hearing behind me…babies crying, a graduate sitting directly behind me “amening” the commencement speaker; occasional laughter; someone softly echoing the benediction as the service drew to a close – “the Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you, the Lord lift his countenance upon you and give you peace.”

So much energy, so much excitement! It was a wonderful moment.

The most thought provoking voice, however, didn’t originate from a graduate or a baby, but was from what seemed to be a young child – maybe five or six years old. As one of our graduates walked across the platform to receive his diploma, I heard a forceful “Yay Daddy!” A subdued laughter slowly began to make its way across our warm, cozy, venue.

An adult college graduate who had worked hard for months balancing work, family, and school heard the words “Yay Daddy” from his child. In the world of adult education, no words could be more profound. Here’s why…

  •  The words “Yay Daddy” coming from an adult student’s child confirm that the hard work and sacrifice that goes into earning a college degree has been worth it. Someone who loves and looks up to the graduate has uttered the ultimate confirmation.
  • The words “Yay Daddy” indicate that the child recognizes graduation as a major accomplishment in his parent’s life. He sees that his dad’s hard work is recognized and makes the connection between diligence, perseverance, and reward. These are vital connections for the child’s future success in school and in the workplace.
  • Finally, the words “Yay Daddy” mean that the child, more than likely, will be a college graduate himself. Research indicates that children of college graduates are more likely to be college graduates themselves. Our kids are watching. They see Mom or Dad writing a paper, reading a book, or preparing a presentation. Children see the value in education only to the extent that their parents model its value.

As the bagpiper led us out of the auditorium at the end of the service, I imagined the “Yay Daddy” child being held snuggly by his mother – maybe even asleep by now. What a fortunate little guy to have such a daddy.

Probably the most gratifying aspect of working in adult education is knowing that we work year round to create “Yay Daddy” moments at graduation. We look forward to next December! But this morning, we still find ourselves reliving Friday evening. To all of the class of 2013, the staff and faculty of Belhaven University offer a heartfelt “Yay Daddy” (and “Yay Mommy” as well).

6 thoughts on “Yay Daddy!

  1. I and others within my colleagues in the Music Department have similar stories. Yay, Daddy is a profound statement on so many levels.

  2. Ed, this is a beautiful description of the ceremony in Chattanooga Friday night! It always brings tears to my eyes when the new graduates are marching in with the bagpipes leading them! Commencement is such a joyous occasion for the graduates, their families and friends in attendance, and those of us who have been blessed to work with them during their educational journeys and now see them reach their goals! It is a privilege from our Lord to work and minister at Belhaven University!

  3. This is a great report, and it should remind us all of the importance of the adult program as a ministry (as is the traditional program). We have a unique opportunity to spread the gospel and serve adults who, for whatever reason, were not well served by traditional universities when they were the “traditional” age for college students. Matthew 28: 18-20.

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