Top Online University National Ranking – Again!

best-online-programs-bachelorsFor the second consecutive year, US News and World Report has ranked Belhaven University among the top online academic programs.

We were ranked 74th for our bachelor degree program among all national colleges and universities both public and private.

Belhaven is tied with the University of Nebraska and is within the top 100 spots with prestigious institutions like the University of Florida, Arizona State University, the University of Missouri, and St. John’s University.

We have a top flight online staff, and having studied what they do in detail, I know we are #1 in customer service.  Nobody is more committed to making it work for students.  While the online education world is still finding its way, and we are far from the level where we can be, we’re way ahead of the pack and I’m proud of all we’re doing.

Here is the full story in the Clarion Ledger

We offer 13 online degree programs including associate, bachelors, and Master degrees in  business, education, health administration, sports administration, public administration, and leadership.

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