Not Too Late To Get a Flu Shot

I got my flu shot this weekend at a local pharmacy…..then saw this in the Clarion Ledger today and glad I did.

This year’s flu strain is not one to ignore:

The highly contagious upper respiratory virus spreads easily in public areas where people may cough or sneeze, said Dr. Andrew Eisenberg, medical adviser to Families Fighting Flu. Often, 20 percent of the population can become infected. The younger subset, exposed to the pandemic strain and without prior immunity or vaccination, have robust immune systems but end up dying because of their exaggerated response to infection, he said.

“We are seeing it — and this is nationwide — in people under the age of 65,” Dobbs said. “It alarms us that, of the people that we’ve looked at that have died, not a one of them has received a flu shot.”

It takes two weeks to become effective after you receive the shot, so don’t put it off.

Our Belhaven University employee insurance covers the cost in full.

Joe Rooks urged friends on Facebook to get the flu vaccine.flu

After a trip to the emergency room, a doctor’s heads-up on flu deaths, a night he thought he might become one and a week of missed work, Joe Rooks of Raymond knows: This flu strain is nothing to play around with.

He posted an ER pic of himself on Facebook as a public service announcement, urging friends to get the flu vaccine.

“I have had probably one flu shot in 20 years,” Rooks said. He hadn’t gotten flu in a while, so figured, why bother? His Saturday cough and scratchy throat progressed to pretty bad in a day. By Tuesday, he was much worse and in a doctor’s office, feeling faint, nauseated and throwing up blood. They sent him to the emergency room.

His ER doctor told him two 30-year-olds had died from flu there already this season, a 52-year-old man next door had been put on life support, and it was “critical” that people get the flu shot, said Rooks, who’d turned 52 just days before.

“It can hit you fast, and it can kill you,” the Revell Ace Hardware co-owner said Friday, still recovering at home from his brutal bout. “It’s not something I would wish on my worst enemy.”

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