Belhaven Students Joined Me at the State Capitol

photo[4]Today, five great students (wearing Belhaven Gold shirts) join me at the State Capitol, with students and presidents of the other private universities in Mississippi, to celebrate Independent Higher Education Week in Mississippi.

The delegation was address by Speaker of the House, Phillip Gunn, who’s son, Andrew is a senior at Belhaven.

Joining him were Colleges and Universities Committee Chairs of the Senate and the House, John A. Polk, and Nolan Mettetal.  Senator Polk’s son-in-law is currently completing his Master Degree through our Belhaven Online campus.

Seven school presidents joined by five students from each campus to form a smart, and bright background for the press conference.

Members of the Mississippi Association of Independent Colleges include:

Belhaven University

Blue Mountain College

Millsaps College

Mississippi College

Rust College

Tougaloo College

William Carey University

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