Dr. Roger Parrott’s Book FREE Today and Tomorrow only

Dr. Roger Parrott, President of Belhaven University is the author of a highly reviewed leadership book, The Longview: Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders.

The publisher is offering Dr. Parrott’s book for FREE Monday and Tuesday for e-book readers. It can be downloaded to any electronic device. The normal Kindle price is $9.99.

Download for FREE February 16-17

In addition, hard copies of the book can be found through any of the major retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lifeway.


One thought on “Dr. Roger Parrott’s Book FREE Today and Tomorrow only

  1. I’m a new adjunct faculty member at the Atlanta, GA campus, teaching human resources, leadership, and management. I’m honored at the opportunity provided me by Dean Morris.

    It appears that I just missed your free e-book, the Longview, because I am a new hire and just received my email access. Is it possible to extend this offer to me? I would sure appreciate it as I am trying to learn the culture of our university as well as our leader, Dr. Roger Parrott.

    Thank you

    Di Ana McCarter

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