Tuesday weather plan – day classes cancelled, evening classes will meet, administrative offices open at noon

Students, Faculty and Staff,

The weather pattern is not making it easy to predict how severe the driving conditions will be tomorrow. But it is better that we error on the side of caution than to put anyone at risk.  So, here is the plan for tomorrow.

1.  Morning and afternoon classes scheduled between 7 am and 4 pm are canceled.

2.  Evening classes scheduled to begin after 4 pm will meet.

3.  Adult and graduate classes at the LeFleur Campus will meet tomorrow evening as regularly scheduled.

4.  Activities and events in the afternoon and evening will be held as scheduled.

5.  Administrative offices will be closed in the morning and open at noon  (Hopefully you can grab an early lunch and in come ready go.)

A clear-cut snow day is easier to deal with, but hopefully this plan for tomorrow helps us get the most out of the day and keeps the weather anxiety to a minimum.

Roger Parrott

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