Final Chapel Service of the Semester

Tuesday morning we will conclude our 2014-15 Chapel Series with a special celebration.

This will be a worship service of music, dance, theatre, creative writing, and visual art and design.

Below is the program for services at 9:35 and 11:00…….scroll down to see the participants and selections for each chapel.

I hope you’ll join us in this wonderful capstone for our chapel series this year.




Remarkable Video of Max Gunbin

Three weeks ago tonight, international student from Russia, sophomore Max Gunbin, was involved in a very serious auto accident when the car he was riding in was hit by a drunk driver.  Max was thrown from the car.

If a police officer had not seen the accident and immediately called for help, Max would have most likely died at the scene of the accident.

During the first day or two following the accident we were fearful Max might not survive his injuries.  And then, as he started breathing on his own, the worry turned to what brain damage might have been caused by the significant amount of blood he had lost.

But the campus never stopped praying and trusting that Max was in God’s hands.

When his parents arrived from Siberia, and he heard their voices, Max started to respond in a new way.  His parents have been thankful for the love of the campus toward them.  We introduced them in chapel and prayed for them. And Friday, I gave them Bibles in Russian to assure them of our continued prayers.

Max is back on campus. The faculty have been wonderful to work with him to enable him to complete the semester with additional work this summer.

Today, just three weeks after the accident, our Tennis Coach, Levi Patton (who has been a hero through all this) sent me this video of Max back on the tennis court last night.  Max is still in a neck brace and moving slowly, but it is remarkable to see this video just three weeks after this horrific accident.

Thanks to God who is the great healer.


A Selfie I’m Thrilled to Post – with Max Gunbin

Last Saturday night, international student, sophomore Max Gunbin, was involved in a very serious auto accident when the car he was riding in was hit by a drunk driver.  Max was thrown from the car and just a week ago was on life support.

The campus has been praying for him all week, and along with Max, we’ve been praying for his parents who are from Russia. They arrived two days ago from Siberia.  When Max heard their voices he started to respond in a new way.

When I saw Max Thursday, he opened his eyes, and squeezed my hand.

But today – wow! Max is doing great.

He has been moved out of intensive care, he’s strong, he’s talking and fully engaged. He even told me about a 96 he earned on a test from Dr. Jinkiri.  But I told him to not worry about his grades now, and we’ll work on that after he’s healed up – which he was relieved to hear.

The critical care nurse (who went to Belhaven) expects Max to be in the hospital through the coming week.  Along with the internal injuries, he has a broken collar bone and some broken ribs that may need surgery to repair.

We took a picture together and it was a smile I was very relieved to see.

Max especially wanted me to thank everyone for praying for him.  He knows that God has healed him for a purpose God has for his life.


Violinists Accepted to Juilliard and Rice

Senior Jocelyn Zhu, and recent graduate Shellie Brown have been accepted with top scholarships to two of the most elite Master degree violin programs in America.

Jocelyn has chosen Julliard, where only .04% of violin applicants are accepted – she was also accepted to Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University, The  Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester, and the University of Michigan.  She will be studying under Catherine Cho.

Shellie has decided on Rice under Paul Kantor.  He only accepts about two students each year, and is one of the highest-in-demand teachers in America.

Congratulations to these outstanding students.

While cheering for their success, we also applaud their strings professor, Song Xie, who has not only prepared them musically to complete at the highest levels in America, but also equipped them with the spiritual foundation to take on the extremely brutal competitiveness of top level music – and do it in a way that brings honor the the Lord.

Jocelyn’s senior recital will be on Monday evening, April 21st, at 7:30 in our concert hall.  I’d encourage you to come – admission is free. When you hear her play in the years to come, in some of the great concert halls of the world, the tickets will probably be very expensive!

Senior Flyer[1]

Changes to the Chapel Schedule

I have made several changes to chapel schedule for the remainder of the semester because we lost two Tuesdays this winter to snow days.  (All students received chapel credit for the two days that were cancelled.)

  • We have found another time that Dr. John Perkins can be with us again – April 7th.
  • I want to welcome Rev. Seth Starkey, who came to Belhaven this semester to lead RUF – April 1.
  • I’ll be concluding my year–long series, “Learning from the Life of King David” – March 18 and 25.
  • We will finish off the year with our annual Honors Convocation.

I pray you’ll be able to participate in chapel as we head into the home stretch of the semester.

Crossroads: Compromise or Integrity
Learning from the Life of King David
Dr. Roger Parrott

David’s Final Exam Grade
Learning from the Life of King David
Dr. Roger Parrott

Rev. Seth Starkey
BelhavenUniversity RUF

Dr. John Perkins
John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development

Honors Convocation
Only the 11 am chapel will be held this day so all students and faculty can join in celebrating the accomplishments of the year. Classes scheduled for 10:50 on this Tuesday are canceled.