Homeschooling Trends

We are pleased that large numbers of homeschooling families have chosen Belhaven University. We believe in homeschooling, and we understand the learning patterns of these students because so many of our only faculty and staff homeschooled their own children.

Homeschooling families will interested in this graphic sent to me today by Greg Hawkins, our Dean of Students – he is a Belhaven graduate and was homeschooled.  Greg is currently working on his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration.

Bettye Quinn Remembers Newt Wilson

Miss Betty Quinn sent me a touching memory she had of Newt Wilson,

Proabably, Newt and Betty worked together longer than any other faculty or staff member did with Newt.

I told Bettye, today:

“If you’re able, you should go to the funeral, I know it would mean so much to Becky. Newt loved you so much. I remember when he first told me about Belhaven, you were the only faculty member he told me about. I thought they were all just like you!”

He’s been a great friend, and I’m so glad you can go to the service.  We will miss you at commencement but you’re needed there.

I asked Bettye if I could share some of her notes with you, and most of it is included below.

I’ll remind you again that the service for Newt will be at Hattiesburg First Presbyterian Church on Saturday at 11:30 am. Becky will be having a family only internment tomorrow.

Becky needs our prayers.

Here is Betty’s note:

Dr. Parrott,

I have not missed a graduation in 47 years….as you know. This is a dilemma for me, But I feel that I should go to Newt’s funeral. He and Becky have been my friends for so many years.

When the soccer team won the NAIA championship last fall, I sent him one of the shirts. He wrote me the most wonderful letter back. I made cheese straws for him every year and sent them or he came for them. We knew him on so many levels…fellow alum, co worker when he taught Bible, Dean of Students, Vice-president, President and then as Board Member. He was always the same sweet caring person.

I helped Becky cook and entertain many, many times. She was the ultimate hostess. His birthday was September 22 — the same as the Hobbit… so many times we had a Hobbit party… everyone brought a gift but not for him… the gifts were exchanged… that was the Hobbit way. He loved that everyone got a funny gift instead of him.

Newt really loved Belhaven and all its activities.  As a student he sang in the choir. He loved that Belhaven was into all sports. And of course, the Bible and Christian Education Department was his forte. He really had a wonderful life accomplishing all he wished.
I would have called but I can’t talk without crying.

Love and prayers,
Bettye Quinn

A Homecoming Highlight Not to Miss

Today was Homecoming and Family Weekend, and it was filled with lots of fun.

  • The football team won, 66-10 in front of a big crowd;  both  volleyball and men’s soccer won on the road.
  • We crowned two our our star students Homecoming Queen and King, Rachel Eason and Terrance Stringfellow.
  • Evelyn Tackett was inducted into our “Legacy of Learning” and Stewart Edwards received our alumnus of the year award.

While I loved it all, the highlight of the day was the acceptance speech of our Young Alumni of the Year recipient, Bonnie McDonald Grubbs ’08.

All of us at the alumni banquet were inspired by her passion to follow God’s calling to use her theatre education to change the nature of education in an urban New York City school where she teaches first grade.

She’s named her classroom “Belhaven,” and her students – “scholars” as she calls them – are all “Blazers.” We sent her a bunch of Belhaven things last year for her class and I received back wonderful letters from each of the kids.

Listen to Bonnie’s message about how she is living out the core of a Belhaven education – 1) faith, 2) worldview, 3) service, 4) gifting, 5) calling, and 6) quality.

Take 5 minutes to listen to Bonnie and you’ll be inspired.

Sticky Faith – God Can Handle Our Doubts and Questions

I’m thankful that Belhaven University provides a learning environment that allows students to probe the hardest questions of life, as well as test the easy answers.

Our faculty are gifted and committed to helping students work through the doubts of faith that come to every seeker, and every Christian.

The Fuller Youth Institute has just published research helping the church understand the importance of allowing questions of doubt and skepticism be asked and grappled with openly.  Belhaven seeks to build this type of learning community.

And here is story from Christianity Today about the research that backs it up:

Steve Jobs, Back to School, and Why Doubt Belongs in Your Youth Group Curriculum
Our research at the Fuller Youth Institute suggests unexpressed doubt leads young people to leave the faith.
Kara Powell

As a young boy, Steve Jobs attended a Lutheran church with his parents. At age 13, he asked the pastor, “If I raise my finger, will God know which one I’m going to raise even before I do it?”

The pastor answered, “Yes, God knows everything.”

Jobs then pulled out a Life magazine cover depicting starving children in Biafra and asked his pastor, “Does God know about this and what’s going to happen to those children?”

The well-intentioned pastor answered, “Steve, I know you don’t understand, but yes, God knows about that.”

Jobs declared that he didn’t want to worship such a God, walked out of the church, and never went back.

As we at the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) learned from studying 500 youth-group graduates during their first three years in college, Jobs’s story is far from unique. In our Sticky Faith research, geared to help young people develop a Christian faith that lasts, a common narrative emerged: When young people asked tough questions about God at church, often during elementary or middle school, they were told by well-meaning church leaders and teachers, “We don’t ask those sorts of questions about God here.” While they rarely storm out of the church like Jobs did, they end up believing that the church is not big enough to handle their tough questions, and thus neither is God.

Read the full article HERE.

Senior Art Show @ Art Center of MS – Fox 40 News – Runs through April 8

Dr. John Stott

Dr. John Stott, Honorary Chairman of The Lausanne Movement, went home to be with the Lord on 27 July 2011.  With the tributes that have been published in the past few days, we have a growing sense of appreciation for all that he contributed to the work of the gospel over the course of his lifetime.

He was the principal architect of The Lausanne Covenant, the historic statement from 1974 that theologically defined evangelicalism.

If you’re not familiar with Dr. John, this 8 minute video from Lausanne will give you a wonderful overview of his life, and the importance of his message.