Easter Plans

This maybe my first Easter away from home! I cant decide whether or not to go home for the break. I really want to. I want to see my family and be home for the Easter crab boil, that my family is planning on having. However, I feel like I have a lot of work left to do before the end of the school year. I really need to get a lot of work done on my still lives for drawing class. I am already way behind. While the rest of the class has moved on to the next drawing project, I am still working on the first assignment. So if I stay at school over the break I can work on that. If I go home, I will have fun and get a break from school, but then be extremely stressed when I come back from the break. To make the matter worse, my mom has been begging me to come home, but my dad has been encouraging me to stay! So in conclusion, I am very confused and am just going to have to be decisive!

Half Marathon

This weekend Seraphine and I completed our half-marathon! It was a long run, but it really didn’f feel that bad. I am not really sure why, but we have a number of reasons. It may have been the tapering training, so our leg weren’t tired. Or it may have been all the crazy people and places that we were running past, distracted us from being tired. It mayhave been the flattness and low elevation of New Orleans. It also could have been that Seraphine and I were just enjoying eachothers company. It really was enjoyable, and something that I would love to do again! First 1/2 marathon down, lots more to go in the future, maybe even a full marathon, who knows!

Preparing for a Half Marathon

This saturday, a team mate and I, are headed to New Orleans, to run a half marathon! We have been training for it ever since thanksgiving. We both bought the tickets together. We have been practicing together. Now we are actually going to run  this race together. It is a long race, 13 miles, which I think is about 20k. We are doing a taper week, where we run lower mileage. We are also making sure that we stay hydrated. This is the weekend!

Mardi Gras in Jackson

This weekend, a couple friends and I went on a road trip to New Orleans, my hometown. We rode down to go to Mardi Gras! It was a very fun weekend, and we had so many great memories, including getting loads of beads, hanging out with my family, and eating lots and lots of food, mostly king cake, every day, about five times. Its a wonder that I didn’t gain a ton of weight. Anyways, we loved Mardi Gras so much that we decided to keep celebrating it back in Jackson. Today, for the actual Fat Tuesday day, we decided to get rid of all our beads and hand them out to students around campus. So all day we carried around bags of beads and handed them out to friends, acquaintances, and even people we didn’t know! It wasn’t the same as Mardi Gras parades and the New Orleans experience, but its was still fun, and it kept the Mardi Gras spirit going at Belhaven!

Post Practicum

So the last week of practicum has ended. After two months of exploring art and one week of cramming in art, I had nothing to submit for the student show. For the last weekend, I worked about 19 hours on art. It was very intense. Im not really sure how to describe how I felt during those 19 hours. I understand how somebody can become an art hermit. It would be so easy to lose your self to art, and forget to eat and talk to people.  I almost felt like I was in a different world.

Even after all that work, I never really developed anything that I  could submit to the show. I narrowed down my interests to mud sculptures, that I would dry and carve patterns into. That is what I worked on all weekend, but it never fully developed. I do feel satisfaction in that I got such a cool experience, but unsatisfactory in that it didn’t really amount to anything. anyways I will always remember these two weeks, and the satisfaction that I got from doing art.


Only one more week of practicum. It is getting really intense! I really really feel the pressure. I have constantly been in the art building, trying to create something. I have so many ideas and not really a strong piece that I am working on. I am really scared that I am not going to get anything into the show. I feel very anxious. And I am nervous that I am going to turn into an art Hermit! This weekend is not going to be a relaxing one! I am going to be booked with practicum work constantly. Wheww, just one week.


Yesterdy I cried in front of three of  my art teachers and a couple peers. Let me start a couple weeks back so that you readers can get the full effect. During christmas break, I worked, for hours, on folding and putting together a certian kind of origami ball called a Kudzu, I believe. When I returned to school I asked for it to be critiqued. I was told that it was not truly art, and I needed to push it to the next level. Discouraged, I began to deconstruct the fold and switch up the pattern, a bit. About a week later, and lots of hours of work, I was critiqued by a pack of three teachers.  This time all three told me that I was not working hard enough on my project, and that it was not valid art. After all the labor, I felt like this work was my baby. It was precious to me. I wanted it to be complemented and praised, not told that it was an invalid peice. This is where in front of the three  teacher pack, and a couple of art making peers, I began to cry. Letting out my feelings of fursteration and inferiority in art making. Although it was embaressing, it gave me an epiphany: I need to be more adventurus. I need to stop playing it safe and go wild; let myself be crazy sometimes!


So this is the 2nd day of the spring semester classes. It feels good to be back! I feel like the break was great. I had lots of rest and relaxation, but now I am focused and ready to start my semester. I had a long art department meeting today, where Mr. Bob the chair of the department, talked for about an hour! It was long, as always,  but inspiring. I am excited to be back, and ready to work.  He encouraged us to pour ourselves into our practicum work. I am ready and prepared to do this! I spent about a half an hour today sketching my tom shoes. I spent an hour working on practicum work, then sketching it. Tonight in about an hour I am going to practice with the cross country team. At seven thirty I am going to head over to the basketball game. At nine I am going to Student Missions Fellowship. Its going to be quite a busy day! Already on my second day, I have my whole day scheduled! Gees, this is going to be a busy semester, I hope that I don’t burn out!

Taste of Asia

Today at lunch we had an asian taste inspired menu! It was super exciting for me, because I love asian food. There were egg rolls, pork stir fry, snow peas, egg drop soup, kimchee (a south korean cabage dish), sticky rice, fried rice, and my favorite, fourtune cookies. My lunch table got so many fourtune cookies! The fourtunes were really funny. For example, my friend got one that said “someone has been watching you, keep your eyes open.” which was kind of creepy! Another girl got one that said something about her having good humer for the week. It was really weird because she had been cracking jokes like five minutes before, so it really applied to her!

They also had chopsticks instead of forks! So we had to eat like we were from Asia! But, we had alittle bit too much fun with those. we decided to make a giraffe out of an orange and some chopsticks. At one table over, it was my friend Anna’s birthday, so we decided to give it to her as a birthday present! She loved it! We actually took a picture of it, so I can post it! In the picture is my buddy Phillips and the giraffe which we named Winston.

Thanksgiving and Christmas

So thanksgiving break is two days away, well for me its only one day away! I am going to leave tomorrow after classes! I am extremely ready! Not that I don’t like all my peeps at Belhaven, I love all y’all, sorry please don’t be offended when you read this! Its just that I have been missing New Orleans, my hometown, or NOLA as we call it. Especially my family and all the people I love. Just tomorrow, I will be eating an early thanksgiving dinner with almost my whole family. I can’t wait for turkey and cranberry sauce, that’s my favorite part! I plan on running an extra hard run tomorrow morning then eating very healthy all day. That way I can stuff my self, and not feel guilty! And again sorry, this time to coach, who was encouraging me just today about eating well to be a good cross country runner. I know that I have to eat well so that I can have hopes for nationals, but its the holidays! And I promise to eat well and practice on the other days!

Also as excited as I am about thanksgiving break, I am extremely prepared for Christmas break. It’s going to be only two weeks after thanksgiving! Our hall is already decorated with Christmas decorations. The decorating was so cool. A ton of the girls from Gillespie hall gathered in the lobby and began hanging up garlands, cutting snowflakes, and we did this really cool fake snow on the glass doors! It came in a spray paint can. One person decided to make a snowman with the paint. Later that night, this one guy, his name is Bryan, came and saw it. He is always playing with our hallway’s RA, Jenna (who btw is the best RA ever, or BRAE). For example, one night  he pretended to propose to her! Well this night he decided that he was going to draw a heart and both of their initials on the snowman! It was so silly. Anyways, the holidays are so exciting, and they have come at a perfect time! I am so ready for family time!