This semester has definitely been a huge season of transition. I know that seems obvious seeing as how its my senior spring semester, but it didn’t really hit until very recently. We began the application and interview process for next year’s BLC. This is the first year I haven’t applied for any leadership positions. It felt really weird to see all these other people excited and nervous about interviews when I’m not for the first time. Then on top of that, I’m interviewing someone to take my place next year! That part wasn’t weird until it became reality and she was offered and accepted my position. It started to sink in that this won’t be my home anymore in a couple months. I’m sad about leaving, but I’m so excited for what they’re going to do and the impact they’ll make.
Another change was waiting to hear back from grad schools. I got my first letter back yesterday and I wasn’t accepted into UNC. That was very disappointing because it was my top choice and my dream program. I was reminded though about how blessings always follow disappointments. My senior year of high school, I wasn’t accepted into the dance program, but soon after I was accepted into Honors College. Not being in the dance program opened up so much free time and opportunities to do things I never imagined. Honors College has challenged, stretched, and grown me. My sophomore year here, I wasn’t accepted as an RA, but a couple weeks later was accepted onto BLC. Looking back, I’m glad I wasn’t an RA, it wouldn’t have been the right fit for me. BLC has been an amazing experience. So, no UNC, but something so much better is waiting. I’m really excited to see what that will be. I’m still waiting two more months to hear back from VCU, and after that I’ll see where my future is going.


Wow. I haven’t written all semester yet. Sorry!
I always talk about the community at Belhaven and how it is my favorite thing about BU. It is easy to talk about how everyone knows everyone and how much the faculty and staff takes care of us. Its truly remarkable, though, to see how united and caring we can be as a student body, and as a community.
Three weeks ago, our professor told us about a family whose house had burned. The family lost everything, and their school social worker was asking for any donations we could give. We sent two truck loads over in under a week! A friend blogged about this, and I’m going to echo it. Its amazing how giving college students are. We are willing to give and share like no other age group. Its pretty amazing.
As most of you have probably heard, Dr. Kenyon, a professor here, had a heart attack last week. Its been incredible to see how united the campus has been in prayer for him and his family. The outpouring of love really speaks to what a great teacher he is, and how strong his character is, but also of how tight-knit our community is here. Some of BLC went to deliver some cards to the hospital yesterday, and we even saw Dr. Parrott there. I think he’s been spending a lot of time at the hospital with Dr. Kenyon’s family. At how many other universities would the president take the time to just sit in a hospital for one of his faculty? Belhaven is definitely unique. And extremely blessed.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
I’m a little late putting up this post. I’ve been home for two weeks already. Exams flew by…actually the whole semester flew by. I think that was the fastest semester ever. Its nice to be home. I’ve been very lazy and spent a lot of time with my family. I also submitted my first grad school application! My second one will be submitted next month. Its scary and exciting!
I’m looking at my last semester of undergrad and my last semester at Belhaven. I’m really excited about it, but it is also kind of scary. I’m ready for the change, but I’m going to miss Belhaven.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Special Needs

Something that I’ve just noticed recently is how many programs and facilities there are here for people with special needs. There are lots of arts programs for children with disabilities, several churches put on parents nights out specifically for parents of children with special needs, and there are several schools and living facilities just to name a few things I’ve found. I love how many programs are available here for families who need the extra help. The best part is that most of these places are of little to no cost for the families, which is extremely helpful since medical care is already so expensive for them. The more places and programs I’m learning about, the more I’m pleasantly surprised. I never would have thought of some of these places, but they are well used and obviously needed. Something that really surprised me is that a lot of these programs aren’t even in the whole state of Virginia! (I know, because my friend who is doing her senior project at home on this subject told me so, haha!) I think that is really sad that there are so many programs so close to Jackson and almost none in my whole state! They are obviously needed and helpful if they continue to run. Finding all this out made me extremely proud of Jackson.


Its the week after homecoming and its very obvious. Everyone is just tired and in that the-semester-is-almost-over slump.
Its okay though, because homecoming was fun! It was a really long day, but everyone was pretty, we won the game (for the first time since I’ve been at Belhaven!), and the dance was fun.
Pictures are better than words though, so here are some for you!


I can’t believe its October of my senior year!
Part of me feels like I just got to Belhaven, while part of me feels like that was a lifetime ago.
This semester has flown by. Peer leading for my third and final year was a whirlwind of fun. I love seeing how many different kinds of people show up at Belhaven every year, and how they always seem more awesome than the class before them. BLC is chugging along, also. Way too often my Facebook status is, “…loves my BLC family!” It is so true. We’re such a family. A weird family, but a family. My yearbook staff is pretty awesome, too. I have two pretty incredibly editors that keep me on track.
Something new that was started last semester is His Hands, His Feet. Its the social services/social work club. I was elected president. Each semester we do an awareness project and an outreach project. This semester we’re focusing on human trafficking. We just did a silent auction to raise money to send to an organization that helps with human trafficking. I haven’t decided on one yet, but I’m leaning towards Not For Sale. They’re pretty cool.
School’s going pretty well, too. I didn’t think I’d do too well with stats, but thats going pretty well, actually. I’m also taking Social Services Practice, Kingdom Life, and Psychology of the Exceptional Child. I like my schedule, its not too crazy.
This week is Homecoming which means crazy busy for a lot of us on BLC haha. Krista has done a great job of organizing everything. I’m on court this year which was super surprising but really exciting! I’m pretty sure I won’t be queen, but thats really okay.
I think the only other new thing in my life is grad school. I’m busy writing essays and filling out applications. When I came to Belhaven, I was pretty determined I was done with school after I graduated. Its crazy how that changed. I’m pretty stuck on becoming a licensed social worker (so I can do counseling) right now, which means grad school is a must. I really want to get into UNC, but if that doesn’t work out, my number two is VCU. I’m ready to be closer to home. Not that I don’t absolutely love being here, but I want to be around for my sister’s senior year of high school next year. We’ll see how all that goes.


On Saturday the football team played Faulkner – at Faulkner. Kourtney, Krystal, and I had nothing better to do so we got up (too early for a Saturday) and made the four hour trip to Montgomery, AL. (Mom – we didn’t even got lost!) The game was hot, we lost (and everyone thought we shouldn’t have), and we had a long drive back. We were angry and tired and sad when we stopped for dinner. If you’re ever in Demopolis, AL you should definitely stop at Farmhouse Restaurant because it is delicious food. After dinner, it was dark and we were on a road in the middle of nowhere for awhile. We opened the skylight (is that even what it is called?) and just looked up. It was the most beautiful thing! Layers upon layers of stars twinkled. It was like someone had thrown glitter into the black sky and it just stuck perfectly. I mean, yeah, you can see stars anywhere, but out there there were no other lights competing with the stars, so you could see so many more layers than just the closest, brightest ones. It was like God saying, “Look! Here I am!”


I’m pretty sure life hasn’t slowed down since I got here back in August. I don’t remember the last time I wasn’t busy. Needless to say, I’m ready for a vacation! There has just been so much going on – and all of it has been a learning experience. Lately, I’ve been very frustrated – just with how life is going – frustrated with some classes, with some people, with how things have worked out. I’ve just felt very…out of control of the situation. JoBeth Petty (Director of Student Leadership) has a saying on her wall: “Remember, God will not call you to anything you can do; if you feel overwhelmed by what God is calling you to – you should. God will only call you to that which requires Himself; He will not give His glory to another.” Last week, she put it as her Facebook status. Today, a friend’s status was: “God puts his people in positions where they are desperate for his power, and then he shows his provision in ways that display his greatness.”
Well, jeez. Thanks, God! Lesson heard. Am I the only one who has a hard time accepting God is in control, and I’m not?


I’m back and everything has been SO crazy!
I got here for peer leader training which was a blast! I “knew” everyone, but now I actually know them. The peer leader team this year was full of people with beautiful Jesus-filled hearts (haha). I learned a lot from them and was so blessed to see all of them in that new light. Peer leading was also awesome! This freshman class is filled with incredible people! I’m pretty sure its the best freshman class EVER. (Oh, and the transfers are pretty awesome, too).
After all that was over, I was pretty ready to go back home. I felt like I saw everyone and that was good enough. I wasn’t too excited about all the work this semester’s classes will bring. (I’m going to be doing some SERIOUS paper writing – bleh!) I also suddenly felt lonely. It’s weird how you can feel so alone in a crowd. Luckily, God stories have happy endings. We had our FCA leadership meeting, and now I’m beyond excited to be here. God is really moving in hearts here. He’s going to do some incredible things this year – beyond what I can imagine. I’m positive that is the case. He keeps showing me how wrong I am about people and how perfect his plan is for absolutely everyone…including me! I learned (through encouraging notes during peer leading and through conversations with my dad) that the littlest things have the greatest significance and literally change lives. God made me with such a specific purpose and that is so cool to me! I texted a friend today and said, “God is so amazing.” She replied, “Why does this continue to surprise us?” Good question.

Still summer

I thought I’d update the world on my summer.
Work is boring now – I’ve conquered all my big tasks.
I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday – I’m pretty scared. (I’m such a baby when it comes to pain!)
I’m REALLY excited about BLC! I got my BLC e-mail address (last week?) and it makes me feel all official haha!
I already have an idea for my staff t-shirts this year (which I think is AWESOME!). I also have way too many ideas for the yearbook, so I hope I can put them all together and make them work.
Chelsea (one of my best friends) and I have completed our annual summer concerts and trips to the beach. All that’s left there is a trip to DC next weekend. My sister and I still have to go on our shopping expedition to find her homecoming dress, and we’ll probably hit the beach again.
After that its back to Belhaven!