I can’t believe its October of my senior year!
Part of me feels like I just got to Belhaven, while part of me feels like that was a lifetime ago.
This semester has flown by. Peer leading for my third and final year was a whirlwind of fun. I love seeing how many different kinds of people show up at Belhaven every year, and how they always seem more awesome than the class before them. BLC is chugging along, also. Way too often my Facebook status is, “…loves my BLC family!” It is so true. We’re such a family. A weird family, but a family. My yearbook staff is pretty awesome, too. I have two pretty incredibly editors that keep me on track.
Something new that was started last semester is His Hands, His Feet. Its the social services/social work club. I was elected president. Each semester we do an awareness project and an outreach project. This semester we’re focusing on human trafficking. We just did a silent auction to raise money to send to an organization that helps with human trafficking. I haven’t decided on one yet, but I’m leaning towards Not For Sale. They’re pretty cool.
School’s going pretty well, too. I didn’t think I’d do too well with stats, but thats going pretty well, actually. I’m also taking Social Services Practice, Kingdom Life, and Psychology of the Exceptional Child. I like my schedule, its not too crazy.
This week is Homecoming which means crazy busy for a lot of us on BLC haha. Krista has done a great job of organizing everything. I’m on court this year which was super surprising but really exciting! I’m pretty sure I won’t be queen, but thats really okay.
I think the only other new thing in my life is grad school. I’m busy writing essays and filling out applications. When I came to Belhaven, I was pretty determined I was done with school after I graduated. Its crazy how that changed. I’m pretty stuck on becoming a licensed social worker (so I can do counseling) right now, which means grad school is a must. I really want to get into UNC, but if that doesn’t work out, my number two is VCU. I’m ready to be closer to home. Not that I don’t absolutely love being here, but I want to be around for my sister’s senior year of high school next year. We’ll see how all that goes.

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