Wow. I haven’t written all semester yet. Sorry!
I always talk about the community at Belhaven and how it is my favorite thing about BU. It is easy to talk about how everyone knows everyone and how much the faculty and staff takes care of us. Its truly remarkable, though, to see how united and caring we can be as a student body, and as a community.
Three weeks ago, our professor told us about a family whose house had burned. The family lost everything, and their school social worker was asking for any donations we could give. We sent two truck loads over in under a week! A friend blogged about this, and I’m going to echo it. Its amazing how giving college students are. We are willing to give and share like no other age group. Its pretty amazing.
As most of you have probably heard, Dr. Kenyon, a professor here, had a heart attack last week. Its been incredible to see how united the campus has been in prayer for him and his family. The outpouring of love really speaks to what a great teacher he is, and how strong his character is, but also of how tight-knit our community is here. Some of BLC went to deliver some cards to the hospital yesterday, and we even saw Dr. Parrott there. I think he’s been spending a lot of time at the hospital with Dr. Kenyon’s family. At how many other universities would the president take the time to just sit in a hospital for one of his faculty? Belhaven is definitely unique. And extremely blessed.

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  1. Reading your post makes me again believe that there are people and communities whose collective efforts and good wills are capabe of making really changes in the world and so we are getting to become more and more capable of coping with everything that comes on our way. It is sad that I can not be part of your community, but it gives me the impetus to create one myself and pass forward your good intentions. Thanks for the inspirational post!

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