This semester has definitely been a huge season of transition. I know that seems obvious seeing as how its my senior spring semester, but it didn’t really hit until very recently. We began the application and interview process for next year’s BLC. This is the first year I haven’t applied for any leadership positions. It felt really weird to see all these other people excited and nervous about interviews when I’m not for the first time. Then on top of that, I’m interviewing someone to take my place next year! That part wasn’t weird until it became reality and she was offered and accepted my position. It started to sink in that this won’t be my home anymore in a couple months. I’m sad about leaving, but I’m so excited for what they’re going to do and the impact they’ll make.
Another change was waiting to hear back from grad schools. I got my first letter back yesterday and I wasn’t accepted into UNC. That was very disappointing because it was my top choice and my dream program. I was reminded though about how blessings always follow disappointments. My senior year of high school, I wasn’t accepted into the dance program, but soon after I was accepted into Honors College. Not being in the dance program opened up so much free time and opportunities to do things I never imagined. Honors College has challenged, stretched, and grown me. My sophomore year here, I wasn’t accepted as an RA, but a couple weeks later was accepted onto BLC. Looking back, I’m glad I wasn’t an RA, it wouldn’t have been the right fit for me. BLC has been an amazing experience. So, no UNC, but something so much better is waiting. I’m really excited to see what that will be. I’m still waiting two more months to hear back from VCU, and after that I’ll see where my future is going.

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  1. I am trying to remind to myself all the time the same saying that you said to yourself: blessings always follow disappointments, so I am sure something that may not seem better at first place, may turn out to be the best for you! I am wishing u good luck and am waiting to hear what is coming for you!Keep us posted!

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