Improv for Homecoming!

Friday night.  Homecoming.

What says “welcome back” more than uncomfortable silence followed by uproarious laughter?  Not unlike most family reunions.

Students in the Improv Acting class, combined with a few veterans of Belhaven improv, showcased their skills of… um… well… making things up… in front of people.  They poured their hearts and souls into that performance, and people just laughed at them.  Laughed, I say!  Which was the point – so, good job!

We were all amused by:  The Illiad from the point of views of Achilles, Helen and Paris, the first time Murphy ever ate bananas while riding a bike, a visit from Selena Gomez (kind of), superheroes fighting a more ordinary kind of toxic gas, and the story of Detective Octopus.

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