Stage Combat

At the core of every individual there is an inherent biological response called fight or flight. It is the moment when we physically sense danger , our heart beats faster, adrenaline kicks in and we make a split decision whether to run away from danger or confront it-head on. This response usually occurs when all attempts of talking things out and verbal communication fail and we make that choice to run or fight and in choosing to fight we start to communicate with our fists. For the combatant there is no other choice but to confront and only through this act of violence that our conflict can be assuaged. It is at this crisis that training in stage combat begins. A quick survey of plays that centers around acts of violence are: Hamlet, Macbeth, Henry V, The Importance of Being Earnest, Marisol, Streetcar Named Desire…etc… How does an actor approach this in a safe way so as to not actually harm your partner or yourself? The core of training helps the actor to produce the physical acts of violence by providing the ideas of fighting distance, masking, eye contact, and communication with your partner help to not only create a realistic fight but also help to keep the actors safe.

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