Autism-friendly performance of Broadway shows

A couple of Broadway productions (Lion King, Mary Poppins) are being sponsored by the Theatre Development Fund (TDF, the organization that runs the discount TKTS booth for Broadway shows) to have performances specifically tailored to be more accessible to audience members with Autism Рless harsh sound effects and strobe lighting.  Read more about it in this Backstage article.

NY Times article on being a parent and in the theatre


An article in the New York Times about the experience of Maddie Corman, a 40 year old mother of 3 who is now appearing in the new show on Broadway, Geoffrey Naufft’s “Next Fall”.

Regular topics of conversation in our department include how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and potentially raise a family while pursuing a life in the theatre, and how just gaining life experience can and will influence an actor’s abilities on stage.¬† This article touches both of those topics.