Images for Presentations

Inserting images into your presentations for class can definitely take your presentation up a notch. In fact, there are many who say that using images instead of words has a better effect on retention and communication. I suppose part of that is because if you are showing words on the screen and also trying to talk the audience is trying to read the words and listen at the same time, which lessens the impact of both.

I do use some bullets in my presentations with a minimum number of words – always keeping the font at 28pts or larger, or even a quote from time to time. For the past few years, I have attempted to use images instead of text.  But, the big question then becomes where do you find copyright and royalty free images that are unique AND communicate the text they are replacing.

I have two sources for you. The first is described in the article at this LINK. It is a new site with access to over 300 million images.  The second is Pixabay.  I’ve not had a chance to try the Creative Commons site yet, but I do love the images from Pixabay. Check these sites out if you want to add some punch to your next presentation.