Good vs Great


Jim Collins in his classic book “Good to Great,” states, “good is the enemy of great.”  He goes on to explain that most people get to the level of “good” in almost any aspect of their personal or professional life, and then tend to slow down on their efforts to improve. There is a sense in some situations where “good enough” truly is good enough, and continued efforts can result in non-productive results.

For more on this check out the short video below:

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Married in 1976, with three grown children. Have served as Pastor in the Church of the Nazarene for 18 years and still hold ordination credentials in the Church of the Nazarene. Led and taught in Adult Degree Completion programs in Christian Higher Education since 1998. Published four books available on Amazon: Discipleship with James, Guidebook for Curriculum Development and Assessment, Spiritual Warfare, and The Principles of Life.

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  1. Rick Upchurch lives out this message. Despite his decades of experience, he is always looking for new challenges to improve our institution for the benefit of others.

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