New Semester, New Opportunities

Well, this semester started with many changes,  but as we examine the changes and trials God brings our way we are starting to see the silver lining and the new opportunities this is opening up for us.  In regards to the show we started everything a week behind due to some unplanned water shortages and school closure so we were in a scramble to catch up.  But in our desperation and weakness God has opened some new doors to work with new people and renew some old acquaintances.

Thankfully a former student has returned to fill in as our Shop Supervisor and TD keeping the progress moving forward in the shop and working to read our Designer’s (my) mind as best he can. 🙂

Our costumes are being taken care of …. (at least the beautiful gowns) for our upcoming production of “The Importance of Being Earnest” by a company in Michigan called “The Sewing Room”.   Kellie & Kathy have been great and the bonus for us as they are just as excited about doing these as we are about having them made.

Anyway I wanted to share with you how we are using technology to our advantage to try and collaborate from a distance regarding these costumes.

We have started with a blog site that has renderings and and measurement sheets and  a few pattern suggestions with Designer notes and from that have been emailing and blogging back and forth as we go along.

To See our Costume blog check click on this line of text.

To check out Kathy’s blog as she keeps us updated as to her progress click on this line of text.

Hey and if there is anyone talented and ambitious enough reading this blog to tackle any one or more of the men’s costumes rendered on our site and can meet the deadline of in our hands here at Belhaven by Feb. 12 …. Please email me ASAP because we would be a happy to negotiate a deal with you.  — or leave a comment on our blog.

Does the Music Fit

Last semester the design students were given a piece of music and asked to create an environment that embodied the musical experience.  I decided to make a little movie presentation of the music with a picture of their work.  I will try and post a few of these over the next few days.  Here is the first one, please feel leave comments and feedback is you think these particular environments fit the aural experience.



Gearing Up

We are getting ready for the new semester for all the changes and new opportunities that will come our way……

…… but I wanted to take a moment and remind all our current majors to go sign up for a google wave account.

Still not sure and a little uncertain about it please watch the video about it and try to think about all the ways we as a dept. work to communicate with eachother.  We hope to centralize a lot of that through Google wave and need you to have accounts to be a part of this communication shift for us.

Especially stage managers and those needing to receive rehearsal reports.

I see this as a great opportunity to try something new and see if we can make it work to our advantage.

So sign up and give me a wave!  I look forward to waving back with you 🙂

Here is the really long technical video if you are so inclined