The loss of a playwright

As many of you are probably already aware, the terrorist attack on the Domodedovo airport near Moscow on Monday, January 24, claimed the lives of 35 and injured more than 100.  Among those who lost their lives that day was an emerging Ukranian playwright by the name of Anna Yablonskaya. While I have no knowledge of Ms. Yablonskaya’s writing, I can’t help but feel the loss of a fellow playwright.  Our prayers and concerns go out to her family and friends, particularly her husband and daughter.

BBC News article

Guardian article


Most of us are aware of understudies, actors who fill in for another actor who is sick or injured or otherwise can’t perform.  But with up to 10 jobs backstage for every person who is on stage – a similar system is necessary for crew people – lighting, sound, prop crew, costumes – and front of house (box office, house management, etc).  This is an ARTICLE about a guy whose  career is as a fill-in for company managers and house managers who need a replacement.