Opening this fall in Belhaven University’s Theatre Department is The God Committee written by Mark St. Germain and directed by Professor Joseph Frost.   Recently, we sat down with the cast to learn more about the show and the process of putting it together.

Q: What is the show about?
A: The show deals heavily with the humanness of mankind and its ability to deal with ethics, morality and personal life. Average human beings have to gather together and rely on one another to make the best decision about the life of patients they believe to be the most deserving of life.

Q: What is the central issue?
A: The play centers around the panel of doctors, nurses, surgeons, and psychologist that are apart of hospital transplant selection committee that makes the final decisions on which person has been good enough to live and is worthy enough of a heart.

Q: What have you gained through the process?
A: The actors who are part of the show say investigating the inward workings of the process of these mortals playing god essentially has been insightful. Crockett Ward, a senior Theatre major, says [he] “gained a level of respect for the people who have to make life altering decisions for people every single day.”

Q: What do you hope the audience will gain from the show?
A: The cast hopes that every individual will discover something new about themselves as well by asking themselves –what decisions would I make in the situation? Did or am I making the right choice? Most importantly each individual will leave with a newfound appreciation for life and its fragility.

Q: What have been the better or difficult parts of the rehearsal process?
A: Overall, even though the show is a modern drama it is full of comical moments and heartfelt stories of life and our place in it.  The hard part of that is trying to smile amidst something that is not at all easy to smile about. Laina Faul, a sophomore Theatre Ministry major, believes that humans possess such a power within themselves that they can go their whole lives not understanding, but within the show I get to see people embody evil and grace along with truthfulness and rage. Some people never get to explore that part of themselves –so maybe many will get to see parts of themselves in the show and use all the knowledge to grow themselves.

The God Committee opens October 1-4, 2014 at 7:30PM and a 2:00PM matinee on October 4th, 2014. Come with us and make a choice!