“Special Skills”

So, most actor’s resumes will include a section at the bottom labeled “special skills” – which are often unique abilities that don’t fit anywhere else in the resume, but might impact casting considerations.  Sometimes they are practical skills that might be a part of a particular role (like juggling or playing an instrument), but sometimes they are more like great conversation starters (fire-baton twirling).  Playbill.com put up an article that asked 60 actors what their “special skills” are.

I only list playing musical instruments and singing as mine.  I can do several dialects, but I’d hate to be asked to prove it on the spot…

Amazing Character Development & Storytelling

Often in our business we get to create what the audience views as magical.  This video I believe is an example of that.  The character development and artistic creation come together to draw us into caring about this creature/character.  I really enjoyed this TED talk and I hope you will like it as well.



You may also watch it here: Handspring Puppet Company: The genius puppetry behind War Horse

The importance of discipline

As the new academic year comes upon us, we thought it fit to share a great article from a few months back by Carey Wallace about the importance of discipline in the life of a creative person – not just working hard at your art, but having discipline in all aspects that can affect your art (sleep, studying, diet, exercise, social interaction, and certainly your spiritual life).


Bicycle Rickshaw Theatre (the World’s First…)

Click here to learn about the “World’s First Bicycle Rickshaw Theatre”, a ministry of Imagine the Word, an arts ministry organization founded by Hunter Barnes.  This ministry would create a portable theatre stage on the back of a New York City bicycle rickshaw, easily transportable through the city streets, which would fold out for performances that would share the Gospel to the NYC public.  The informational video is on a website built to accept donations to help fund the project.