Murder in the Cathedral Production Pictures

Well another Spring semester has come to a close.  But before it did we mounted, presented, & have now struck our production of Murder in the Cathedral.  Please check out our pictures here.

Also a huge THANK YOU!!  to our photographer — Merianne Dietrich  of   Merianne Dietrich Photography — please stop by her site and check out all her albums, and check her out on Facebook as well.

Murder in the Cathedral

Knights mocking Thomas in Murder in the Cathedral

Meanwhile… back in Rehearsal…

Last night’s rehearsal was splendid. If, in your language, splendid is defined as: the passing of two hours during which amiable conversation is made concerning blood, guts, howling winds, putrescence….well, you get the idea….basic dinner conversation.

The task in rehearsal last night involved divvying up the lines of the four young ladies playing the Chorus. Apparently the “poor women of Canterbury” have two styles: gross and grosser. Other extremely applicable synonyms include (gotta love creepy, revolting, disgusting, repulsive. It’s true. Ask anyone in the cast!

After the gag-fest, our SM team got to work spiking the stage. All this means, is that  we are laying down visible tape that marks out the actual dimensions of the stage…it also means practicing your math skills. That’s why I left the numerical conversions to the much more talented Stage Manager!

Can’t wait to find out what comes from tonight’s rehearsal!

Knights in Rehearsal

Knights on Stilts

Cast members of Murder in the Cathedral getting used to the stilts they will be wearing for their performance as the Knights who come to Canterbury to silence Archbishop Thomas Becket.

We are in the beginning stages of rehearsal, with some rough outline blocking done and some time spent on practical necessities (like stilt practice).  We have a long way to go over the next few weeks, but we are all excited about the progress that we’ve made already.