Well it is that time of year again when the annual Southeast Theatre Conference happens.  We are in Lexington, KY this year.

Today I had an opportunity to attend numerous sessions some good some not so good, some met expectations, some surpassed expectations, like the session hosted by Shawn Paul Evans.

He gave a presentation on new technology for Stage Managers.  It had some really good ideas and gadgets that are not only good for SM’s but for other theatre people as well.  Here is his presentation in PDF and Evernote, and a few other forms.

My favorite techno-gadget that was the Livescribe Pen. It is definitely something I want to try and see if I can incorporate it into my workflow.

Along those lines here are a few other related type devices that do a few similar & but also different things.  Canson Papershow & Inklet — Enjoy the techno stuff. 🙂