Video: 1960’s Stagehands

Here’s the link to a great documentary video from the 1960’s talking about being a stagehand.  50 years later, it’s surprising how similar it is to today – especially with larger productions touring the United States (the film shows people working on the original tour of My Fair Lady).

We often talk about how many jobs there are backstage – this shows those people in action.

Amazing Character Development & Storytelling

Often in our business we get to create what the audience views as magical.  This video I believe is an example of that.  The character development and artistic creation come together to draw us into caring about this creature/character.  I really enjoyed this TED talk and I hope you will like it as well.



You may also watch it here: Handspring Puppet Company: The genius puppetry behind War Horse

World Theatre Day video

TCG – World Theatre Day

This link will take you to a video put out by TCG (the Theatre Communications Group) regarding World Theatre Day which is March 27th every year.  In it, actor Jeffrrey Wright shares a story from his experience visiting Sierra Leone, and the importance and power of the art of listening in the theatrical process.

Art Factory

I just wanted to do a quick post and shout out to a place of healing and art.
…. and has a cool Belhaven connection as some of the founders of this place are the parents one of our theatre students here at Belhaven…. 🙂

The Art Factory Revealed from Rick & Mary Beth Holladay on Vimeo.

Opportunities for visual artists and those supporting the visual arts in Europe. The Art Factory is a faith-based initiative to rediscover the possibility of a creative and restorative relationship with God and encourage and enjoy the making of art.

Max McLean: “The Screwtape Letters” | Cleveland, OH | Max McLean: “The Screwtape Letters”.

This is a link to a video interview with Max McLean, producer and star of The Screwtape Letters, a play based on C.S. Lewis’ book.  Coming off of a successful Off-Broadway run in New York, McLean is now touring the play around the country.