Working relationships

An article/ blog post appeared in the New York Times about the upcoming Broadway production of “Clybourne Park,” a much-anticipated play that most people have assumed would likely be a nominee for this year’s Tony Award for Best Play.  Clybourne Park’s expected April 2012 opening has been put into question after the departure of well-known Broadway and Hollywood producer Scott Rudin from the production team, at an investment loss of over $2 million.  It appears, according to the article, that his departure is likely due to interpersonal difficulties between himself and playwright Bruce Norris after Norris dropped out of another Rudin-produced project.

We often talk about the importance of maintaining good working relationships with one’s collaborators – that being honest, upfront, a good worker, and a good person to be around can positively affect one’s career, often more than one’s level of talent.

We don’t know all of the details of what went on between the two parties, here.  Other producers are likely to jump onto this obviously worthy project, and the producer will certainly continue work with other writers on other projects – it’s unlikely that anyone’s career is at stake here.  But it’s important to note, that the interpersonal things that come between people in educational or community settings do not go away in the professional world.

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