Dance Professor & Student Recognized as William Winter Scholars

Several dozen outstanding Humanities Division students, faculty members, and professionals from Mississippi’s universities, colleges, and community colleges are honored each year by being named William Winter Scholars at the Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration. Each is chosen by his or her educational institution as the Humanities Division’s most outstanding student, faculty member, or professional.

This aware allows winners to attend most of the NLCC free of charge. The annual award also carries with it prestige and public acknowledgement of how highly the person is regarded by his or her institution.

Ms. Emily Wright, Associate Professor of Dance, will be recognized and represent Belhaven at this year’s NLCC. The celebration will take place on February 23-25, with the opening ceremony on Friday, February 24th. Ms. Wright was also given the opportunity to nominate an outstanding student to be recognized alongside her, of whom she chose Catherine Hampton, a junior BFA Dance and English double major.

The winners are honored publicly at the opening and closing sessions, in the printed materials, and in publicity. The group is photographed with former Mississippi Governor William F. Winter, after whom the scholarship is named. Winter has served as Director of Proceedings for the Natchez Literary and Cinema Celebration each year since the event began in 1990.

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