Fall Brings New Faces

Welcoming new students into the graphic design department is always exciting. The department is growing and we are thrilled. We opened with a superhero themed meeting, where we got a chance to make masks and get to know each other.

Getting it done.

After the initial greeting of students it’s time to get to work. This is a challenge for some but we are already seeing a lot of hard work and projects to prove it.¬† There are a lot of projects happening, and with the student show submissions looming, I think the excitement is building as well.



Spring Forward, That’s For Sure!


Each semester has it’s own level of challenges, but this semester, really is hopping. Starting with a Student Graphic Design show which opened the Friday after the semester started. What a success and honor to show what we do to those that may not know. We are artists first, software users last.

The show entrees were judged by local professionals in the industry as well as art faculty.



Right on the heels of preparation for the student show was the Addy Awards, sponsored by Jackson Advertising Federation. Several students entered and several won, we’ll know more and post the details when we get back from the awards banquet which is held February 8th! Woo Hoo



Many of our students participated in the MERGE conference February 1st. It was an awesome combination of professionals combined with students for break out sessions as well as portfolio reviews. Prof. Turner felt at home and was proud to show off strong portfolio work to her colleagues.