Respond & Be Inspired

Here is another one of our student contributions……

Q: What Inspires me?

A:  One of the things that Bob Pennebaker always hammers in his beginning drawing classes (and high levels too) is not “thinking things up.”  This applies to all areas of art, not just drawing.  This has been extremely helpful in finding inspiration because I have learned to look around my living room or remember something that happened to me the other day and use that as a starting point.  Remembering things that I loved as a child also gives me ideas for development and growth in the future.  We are constantly gaining experience, but we don’t always think of it as artistic.  That is the point, seeing things from a mindset that anything can become art if you respond to it and make it work.

Turn Around — Inspiration

Just before break I asked a few students to contribute some posts to the blog so here is the first one….. enjoy.

A couple of nights ago I had a revelation. I was sitting in the bathtub after a long hard day of arduous studying and paper writing, when suddenly it occurred to me that I always face the same direction. On spur of the moment thinking I decided to live dangerously, spin around, and face a wall I had never faced before. It was like I was in a whole new room. It was a new view that I had never seen before and I was inspired. The caulking on this wall was crumbled like ancient roman ruins. There were cracks in the tiles that looked like exquisite floral patterns. These things had always been there, I had just never noticed them. I never noticed them because I do the same thing everyday. I got out of the tub that night not only clean and refreshed, but also inspired to look at the world a different way.. Often I think I have to go somewhere to new to get the inspiration that so regularly evades me. But I don’t have to go very far, sometimes I just have to turn around.