Q&A-callie goss

Best class this year and Favorite Assignment?
I took computer graphics 1, computer graphics 2, typography, web design and graphic design lab 2 this year. I liked all of my classes a lot. I think my favorite project was the magazine layout we had to do in computer graphics 2. I would love to work in magazines and I would like to have a class that focues on that more. But I definitely liked (or eventually) liked every class that I took.

Why did you choose BU?
I chose BU because my siblings graduated from here, so I have known about it for a while, and I really liked the atmosphere and what Belhaven stands for. I went to a different school for 2 years prior to transferring, but I believe I made the right choice in coming here.

What excites you about design?
All of the different aspects of design. It’s not limited to one thing and the opportunities are endless.

Designs of the Future

I love how design can be so innovative. People come up with new ideas everyday. The possibilities are always endless. It’s so interesting how you can give a group of people all the same materials and assignment and all of them create a different and unique design. While “stumbling”, I found this site showing students ideas for the future. They were asked  to predict how people will prepare and store food, wash clothes, and do dishes, etc.



Guest Designer — Steve Tadlock– Speaks in Departmental

Recently we had the privilege of having Steve Tadlock from the Broderick Agency speak to our Graphic Design majors.  He walked them through some of his experiences and showed them some of his work as he has worked on a number of different projects over the years incorporating many forms and kinds of media.

I asked Steve to give us a list of some of the designers, resources, and books that he felt Graphic Design majors should be familiar with and this the result:


My pleasure, Kris. (This is by no means an exhaustive list).

Each student should make their own list of inspirational websites. My short-list includes:


Books to read; these are on advertising, not design so much. It’s important to understand the difference.

GUTS: Advertising From the Inside Out, by John Lyons. (haven’t read this in a while but I remember it was good)

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This. by Luke Sullivan. (if you’re serious about advertising, this is a must-read).

Memorize CA.
Google the credits in work you like.

Some designers you should know:

Saul Bass
Lucian Bernhard
Michael Bierut
Ivan Chermayeff and Thomas Geismar
Seymour Chwast
Steven Heller
Kit Hinrichs
Woody Pirtle
Herb Lubalin
Clement Mok
Walter Landor
Steve Frykholm
Margo Chase

More good stuff for your blog (or just reading)

So You Want To Be A Rock Star …

I like this paragraph in particular:

“After all these years, and after learning a little bit about what it takes to do great work, I’ve come to realize that talent isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Instead, it’s desire that often separates the best from the rest.”