Give Your Creative Gifts in some way, shape or form this holiday.

The always inspiring holiday season always excites me. Take a look at some of these color combinations and the texture in some of these very simple ideas.

Also look at the staging of their photos.

(I see nice execution for your portfolio)

il_430xN.93701786tree cardil_430xN.103061649tagsil_430xN.103069490cardil_430xN.103069686owlcard

With the rush of all the class projects and heavy thinking to make sure we have concept behind our artwork, the constructive criticism weighing heavy on us as we hand in our end of the semester projects, it is fun to work on projects “For Design’s Sake”

The holidays give us lots of visual stimulation, but how many of the cards and notes and gifts we receive truly are well designed??

I often have clients that request holiday cards, and this is a time to let go, and enjoy the creativity that comes along with the real meaning for the season.

After all, the holidays are about giving and sharing, and what better way to give than to share  our God given creative talents as part of a gift to others as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  This holiday, make something, anything and share it with others, you might just save a penny or two as well. 🙂

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