Had Your Coffee Yet?

If you’re like me, before I sit down and get the creative wheels turning I must have a cup o’ joe. O.k., two or three cups to be exact. Not to be partial to any particular brand but this post is about Starbucks. They are in transition of separating the words from the mark to accommodate their expanding business model. I found a couple great articles on their logo redesign for their 40th anniversary. Terry Davenport, SVP of Marketing gives great insight on their upcoming creative & promotions. Sit back, sip and enjoy!

Steve Erickson
Executive Art Director
The Cirlot Agency



One thought on “Had Your Coffee Yet?

  1. Hi Steve, I think Coffee is the good oil of any type of Marketing or Advertising office. One to two cups really gets thing started for the beginning of the day. Three or more is just plain dangerous and should really come with a MA15+(Mature Audience fifteen years or older)

    Kyle R Smith
    Managing Director
    Purely Promotions Australia

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