Working with an Art Director – The Process

Kris asked me to do a walk through of the process that goes into a project for my internship. Since we just finalized and sent this booklet-mailer to print today I thought I’d post about it!

Project Background: This is a 16 page booklet that is going to be mailed to about 40,000 addresses. The booklet is a promotion for the ministry’s (Global Awakening) largest event of the year coming up in October. We needed to stay within the branding that had been created for the event, but create a fresh and exciting mailer.

The Process: It started with a meeting with my Art Director. We talked about what we wanted to accomplish with this piece and he showed me some inspiration for ideas. These images sparked a brainstorming session where we came up with the basic idea for design elements and style. Check out the inspiration page in the gallery below.

After we had come up with our look and feel, we had to decide the layout of all the pages and information. For this step we did quick sketches and used sticky notes to play with page order. This is also where we decided the initial layout of each page and it’s design elements.

Once I had the first draft done my art director and I went through it and talked about things that needed to be changed, added and how to maximize the layout of each page. Once we had everything in place where we wanted it, it was time for the piece to go under the dreaded proofing phase. This phase is where we have to defend our design choices and compromise when necessary to make sure the piece fit the need of the department head who was requesting the design. Once important thing I’ve learned is that even if you have an amazingly creative and artistic layout, if it does not fit the client’s needs, you have not done your job as a designer. Graphic Design isn’t just art, it’s also functional and needs to serve both in order to make it a good design.

So after many proofs and many small edits and changes, walking away for the weekend and looking at it with fresh eyes, making more edits and changes we finally have a finished product! Here it is…click on each image for the full picture and a description. If you have any questions about this process feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to write you back!

This is the summer intern signing off for now!

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