Which country is friendliest (or at least, most user-friendly to expats?)

Forbes has come out with the results of a study which rates the friendliest countries. Actually, they were determining countries that expatriates (especially Anglophones) find the easiest time assimilating into. The criteria included: ease of making friendships, learning the language, and ability to fit into the culture. About 5000 expats were surveyed- Cayman islands came out as the friendliest. Australia is second. The USA is seventh. See the story here. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t list the least-friendly countries, but does go on to say that expats might ENJOY living in other places more (such as Hong Kong), because of high salaries, night life, or services available- but that doesn’t mean they’re friendlier or easier to assimilate into.  This is important data to be assembling and analyzing- would you rather do business in a friendly country?

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