Students in “Global Social responsibility” help build a Habitat house in Jackson

Which development efforts are sustainable and holistic? Which ones are just born out of a savior complex, create dependency and cause demoralization? Certainly, Habitat for Humanity’s model is one which recognizes the capacity of lower income people to improve their situation. Did you know that owners of Habitat houses must finance their homes (interest free) and put in “sweat equity hours” to construct their own home as well as other Habitat houses?

These themes- dependency, capacity building, sustainability- and our biblical mandate to help the widow, orphan, foreigner and poor (plus engage in political advocacy for their needs) are the content of the Global Social Responsibility Course. The course also requires a field trip with service hours related to community development. Pictured here are some students in the course who helped paint a Habitat house in Jackson this month, along with Dr. Nehrbass.

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