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The last two newsletters of the semester!


Grace Anna Randall


4 17 15 Newsletter

4 24 15 Newsletter

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More Newsletters!


As we have been on Spring Break and Easter Break, our Music Studio Class meetings have been a bit spotty. Here are the last several newsletters from the most recent Music Studio Class meetings!

Grace Anna Randall

3 20 15 Newsletter

3 27 15 Newsletter

4 10 15 Newsletter

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Newsletters from the last few weeks of Music Studio Class!

2 27 15 Newsletter

3 6 15 Newsletter


Grace Anna Randall

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Children’s Opera

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The Maker of Illusions, by Seymour Barab, was put on by Dr. Christopher Shelt and the vocalists of Belhaven University on January 23 and 24, 2015.

A Children’s Opera, it brought humor, excitement, and virtue to the Concert Hall stage at the Center for the Arts.

Please join us in January 2016 for the Music Department’s next opera!


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Below are the Music Department Newsletters from the past two weeks!


Ms. Grace Anna Randall

2 13 15 Newsletter

2 20 15 Newsletter

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Spring 2015 Music Department Newsletters (so far)

Greetings from the new Music Administrative Assistant!
Below are the Department Newsletters for this Spring 2015 semester, so far.


Grace Anna Randall

1 16 15 Newsletter

1 23 15 Newsletter

1 30 15 Newsletter

2 6 15 Newsletter

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Music Department Newsletter, September 12, 2014

Sorry these newsletters are so late!  But here is the rest of September’s newsletters.

9 12 14 Newsletter

9 19 14 Newsletter

9 26 14 Newsletter

And here’s the first week of October:

10 3 14 Newsletter

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Newsletter for Music Department, September 5, 2014

Here’s today’s Newsletter from our Departmental Music  Studio Class.

9 5 14 Newsletter

To see some of our student performers in action, we’ll be posting some videos on youtube!  Links will be supplied here when those occur.

Thank you!

Valerie Jones ;-)

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Newsletter for Music Department, August 29, 2014

Happy Friday!  (Here’s last week’s newsletter from our Music Department here at Belhaven University.)  Today’s will be going up soon!

8 29 14a Newsletter

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Newsletter for Music Department, August 22, 2014

Hello, everyone!  Sorry these first two posts are a little behind in the times but here we go!  This was our first newsletter from the first week of school two weeks ago.  I’ll be posting the new one every Friday, so, stay tuned!

8 22 14 Newsletter

Should you have any questions about anything on there OR if you would like more info on shows, etc, please ask me!  My number is 601.974.6494 and my email is vtjones@belhaven.edu.   Thanks, everyone!

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