The Blessing of the Hands

The Belhaven University School of Nursing held its first Blessing of the Hands Ceremony on September 25, 2014 in the Prayer Room.


The ceremony is a nursing tradition that is usually done before students begin their first clinical experience. It allows students an opportunity to consider the importance of finding balance between their caring hearts and hands and the provision of nursing care that occurs within a healthcare delivery system, which is complex and often unpredictable. It is a symbolic representation of how the hands should be used to deliver care and compassion and be a blessing to all that nurses encounter.

Dr. Barbara Johnson, Dean of Nursing, offered the opening prayer and introduction of guests. Dr. Seth Starkey, Director of Campus Ministries, spoke to the nursing students about the healing ministry of Jesus and how it relates to the practice of nursing. He iterated how faith in a loving and caring God was essential in order to handle the multitude of circumstances that caring for patients may present. Following the message, each nursing student and faculty extended both hands, palms up and Rev. Starkey gave the blessing.


Following the ceremony, each nursing student was presented white Testament Bibles from the Gideon’s International. It was truly a blessing to all.

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