New Belhaven College Online Degree Commercial

We have a marvelous group of students headed to Jackson this fall to come to school – new freshmen, transfer students, and returning students.

Belhaven also has students who work full time coming to study on the Jackson campus in the evening, participating in our accelerated programs, as well as our graduate programs.  And we have hundreds of adult and graduate students on our branch campus in Orlando, Houston, and Memphis as well.  Over 2,500 students in all.

But Belhaven’s newest campus is online, where this fall over 100 students will come together to meet virtually to work on their undergraduate degree. We just launched a new video to explain the distinctives of our Belhaven Online degree from all those other programs out there – most of which have horrendous drop out rates – did someone mention the University of Phoenix?  This video was filmed by Edward St Pe, one of our alums.

In addition to this online program, we offer our Worldview curriculum online at a high school level too in our High Scholars Program.  We have students enrolled from across the country and even around the world – some home schoolers, some private school students, and some public school students.

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