Bigfoot Shock

A couple of guys made the news this week by getting a bigfoot costume, filling it with road kill, freezing it in ice and then calling a press conference to announce they had discovered the beast while hiking in Georgia. One of them was a former police officer. They hired a publicist, were trying to cut the best deal with the tabloid press, and then of course, the gag was exposed as a fake.

When the hoax was out in the open, the quote from the former cop was so characteristic of the worldview of our society.

He was shocked and indignant at the suggestion from a reporter that doing this would “damage his credibility.” He clearly had no internal standard of credibility if he believes a “joke,” to try to make money, and get his 15 minutes of fame, doesn’t have a component of personal responsibility.

We live in a society that becomes offended at the suggestion of consequences for actions.

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