Closing Monday Night – Open Tuesday…So Far

We are all thankful that Hurricane Gustav lost some of its power just before coming to shore west of New Orleans with winds of 110 mph.  It is still a strong storm, but the coast of Louisiana and Mississippi were well prepared – unlike Katrina.  Many people who were evacuated from the coast are staying in Jackson.

It appears the impact of the storm will be minimal in Jackson, but winds will be high this evening, and we will have some rain and wind on Tuesday as well.  We want students, faculty, and staff to be safe, and thus are taking the following actions regarding closing:

  • Classes will be canceled for Monday evening for the Jackson campus. Each faculty member will work with their class to make up the session.
  • For Tuesday, it is unlikely we will close the Jackson campus, but we will follow the pattern of Jackson Public Schools.  If they are open, we will remain open, but if they close for the day, we will close.  Check the local news or this site for an announcement should classes be canceled for Tuesday.
  • Students who are away from campus should not take any traveling risks coming back to campus for Tuesday. Faculty will work with students to make up the missed class time because of travel limitations.

Tuesday, we look forward to our Opening Convocation with Dr. Ligon Duncan speaking at 11 am.  Along with celebrating the start of the school year during this academic regalia event, we will thank God for His protection for so many from this storm which could have been much more devastating than it appears it has become – and pray for the many families who will have their lives in turmoil because of the hurricane.

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